Thursday, January 11, 2007


santa idea for an xmas card
Parasite-infected Zombie with Hammer :)
(disease-ridden bastard)
Birdface-man Random doodles with squid-arm and visions of torture,
(light hearted day of course)

some sketches from the past couple of days and before xmas.
hoorah for for free time!
but also kinda fun is some graphic design work @ my work at
The Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden @CSULB
so sounds all official, I'm helping out with some
layouts and designs for the new newsletter.
maybe some a nice portfolio addition if possible
we'll see
im going to try to post my final self portrait soon,
i think it turned out pretty well.
Soon To Come.
OH and the comic collab is going well from what im told,
I'm very eager to see how they put it together and to check
out the complete version.

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