Monday, January 08, 2007


this should be rare, a post with no pics. its just too late to scan and not wake anyone. anyway i was looking at this blog and two things popped into my head: A) it wasnt the best idea to try and commit to a blog right before finals due to the heavy workload and B) only ten posts! thats crap, i have tons more stuff to show than that. So from now on it will be hopefully a minimum weekly post, or i will be very sad.

On another note, GO SEE ....PAN'S LABRINTH! awesome is the only word i can think of.
Lately I've felt kinda out of it for a lot of reasons but also in the last few days i found some sources for inspiration in all directions. muy bueno para la salud.

ooh ok, ill post a picture i took instead. chamelions rock. that is all

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