Wednesday, January 31, 2007

new semester

the semester has begun, and my first assignment for illustration A is a drawing based on an article about the migling of sports terms in everyday language. hoorah! here were my two roughs i showed today.

the one above is based on the term "saved by the bell,"

and this was the one she really liked. "chalk talk," you can kind of tell

the kind of influence calvin and hobbes has had on meh.

What i really want to do is bust out a new style for the illustration, something

to catch the eye, or more like wrestle it to submission.... we'll see how that goes.

maybe too much lucha libre...nah.

OoO and i went to L.A. last friday as a kind of last hurrah before school, here are some pics from the trip, i went to check out some graffiti spots but wasnt too sucessful, but i cant say it wasnt a fun day.

meow...right after sushi

fire in the hole!

rock on dead guy, i love you too.

well i have more but i'll save em for a post later this week. :)

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