Thursday, September 24, 2009

Awesome Autumn 09

I wanted to save my 100th post for a special summer recap, but putting it together is a bit more work than I can handle at the moment. So instead some equally awesome stuff.

I have a great internship! Huzzah!!!

A trip to a far away land is in the making!

Almost fully graduated!

I started a daily doodle blog, its called: 321 Draw!


My Team and I participated in the KAFI 2009 Cartoon Challenge this past spring, and I even had some birthday awesomeness while I was there. Four days to make a 30sec PSA on a topic given at 8AM on the first day. Our result is below, not a winner but an fantastic experience none-the-less!

I saved a life as a Producer.
Was given a heart-attack by Aubry.
...and painted some backgrounds, did music, and helped a little with character design.

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Sara Batista said...

You are a good artist, but you probably already know. Keep up the good work!!!