Friday, November 17, 2006

prelim ideas

long time no posty. due to work and escuela there hasnt been a lot of free time, but here's what i've been up to since last timey.
I'm posting the good with the bad, all just idea and sketchwork, some work better than others.
^character design ideas for my visual communication final projecta.
all in baby form ( el crap)

^more along the lines of what i was thinking,

but a little too ringmaster

^this is close but im not quite satisfied yet,

and its in the basic rough page format...really rough.

^super basic and uncentered page format in illustrator

but good with color idea actually present

^page ideas, trying to break monotony of boring textual conceptual infectuals,

after talking about it in class i think i might use the left one as a cover,

too hard to read stretched text!

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